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For anybody that will soon be moving home – whether the move is interstate or local – our Edwardsville movers are the ideal service to use to make the whole process simple and stress free. With Overland Park Movers you will be guaranteed a professional service, carried out by experts who share our ethos towards care and attention, no matter what type of move you need help with.

What makes our team stand out from any other moving company in Edwardsville is that they can provide a complete package that goes far beyond simply loading your possessions onto a truck and delivering it at your new home. When our Edwardsville movers move your possessions, they take the time to tag and list them all and create a detailed inventory. They understand how precious family items are – whether they are breakable or not – and by providing you and your driver with this comprehensive check-list you can have some added piece of mind that everything will make it to your new home safely. This added safety and security is enhanced by our Edwardsville movers packing service. Like our labour charges for local moves, packing services are calculated by the hour, but we will also provide free shrink wrap and bubble wrap for any item requiring that extra bit of protection and crates for the most fragile of possessions.

As you can see, we really are the best moving company in Edwardsville for providing a complete, reassuring package that can efficiently relieve the stress of moving. This great service is provided on an hourly rate for local moves and calculated by volume and mileage for interstate ventures – with the possibility of additional service charges – but if you are considering using our Edwardsville movers we recommend booking early to ensure our services on the date required.

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Edwardsville Movers
Edwardsville Movers