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Whether you are looking for a local move or an interstate move, Overland Park Movers can provide an excellent service that is sure to make moving a breeze. Our Liberty movers provide the same care and attention no matter which service you need and stand out from the competition thanks to their complete service that will help your move from start to finish.

Our professionals do so much more than simply transport your possessions. Before anything is loaded onto a truck, customers can take advantage of our packing service. This provides greater peace of mind because our team understand that valuables do not just mean breakables. They pack items with the optimal form of protection - fragile items can be crated and there is even bubble wrap and shrink wrap free of charge.

Once everything is ready to go, your Liberty movers will then take the time to create a detailed inventory of every item - tagging and listing all possessions. This means that it is much easier to keep track of items with our service, relieving some of the stress, and by providing a copy for both you and the driver it is much easier to check errors in the unlikely circumstance that mistakes are made.

They key ethos of our Liberty Movers is to provide a stress-free, reliable and expert service. This is why we go to such lengths to provide a comprehensive, professional package to help relieve the pressure at every point of the move and why we recommend booking early to ensure our services on the date of your choice. Once you have our team's services you can take it easy and let them worry about everything until the move is completed.

This brilliant package from Overland Park Movers comes at different rates depending on the move. A local move, with its labor and packing service costs, is calculated by the hour and interstate moves are determined by the volume and the miles travelled, with the possibility of additional service charges.

If our package sounds like the services you require and you are ready for a hassle-free, professional move, why not contact Overland Park Movers and see how our Liberty movers can help you relocate with ease.

Liberty Movers
Liberty Movers
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