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Long Distance & Out of State moving services:

Missori City Movers are experts in relocating you and your family to any destination in the us. Our relocation specialists re trained to help you coordinate every aspect of your move. From packing and protecting your belongings, determining the size truck and crew you need, to scheduling your pick up and delivery, our hands-on specialists will make your relocation smooth and stress free. From start to finish, we handle all the details.
Cost of Interstate Moves:
The cost of your move will be determined by taking the volume of your shipment and applying the appropriate tariff rate for the amount of miles it will be traveling. Transportation, loading and unloading are all included in the price of your move. Any additional services required will be itemized and charged accordingly. Please notify your representative of any services that you may require.
A complete inventory is made of all your items. Each item tagged and listed as it is being loaded onto the truck. You will receive a copy of your inventory and one copy will accompany the driver.
Missouri City Movers understands that your personal belongings are valuable and every effort is made to insure a safe, secure transportation of them so they arrive intact and undamaged. Each item is professional wrapped with padding and moving blankets. Some items may require bubble wrap or shrink wrap, which we provide at no charge. We also crate any fragile items to insure that there will be no damage.
Pick up and Delivery:
Our relocation specialist are available for your convenience to coordinate your move to fit your busy schedule. Please try to reserve your move as early as possible in order to have your items picked up and delivery on the day that you require.
If you are moving a long distance you need to have your plans in place and be organized. If you forget something you cannot simply run back to your old residence to get it or take care of it. That may not even be possible if you sold your home or your landlord has already rented it out to somebody new. What you forgot should just be forgotten because it is most likely gone. The best way to avoid the hassles and glitches is to create and follow a plan from start to finish. We understand that things happen as and your mover will help you with that. The result will be a move that leaves you feeling energized, not under the weather.

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